Sun is shining

Yeah, finally after nearly a week of rain the sun is shining in Malta and it is 16-17 degrees Celsius ABOVE zero. When it is raining it is dropping to "only" 12-13 degrees Celsius.

(Sun is shining, finally!)

Today we went to Qormi to go to the Health Center to get a paper that the kids were in shape to start school. I phones the office because we couldn't find it. The only adress I had was Triq Victorija and that was the street we were on. The very kind lady at the Health Center asked me:

"Isn't there someone from Qormi you can ask, it is hard to me to know where you are..."

Haha so, we had to ask our way there and after 20 minutes we found it.

Went inside and 10 minutes later we had the papers needed and we went to St Venera/B'kara to go to the Maria Regina College Administration so register them at the school.

Even that one we didn't find since the street wasn't Old Railway Track as the Minister had told us yesterday. It had another name and we called the office and guess what they told me?

"Madame, it is better you ask someone in the street, they will guide you to us". Haha Maltese People are funny. Why can't they just put numbers on the houses so the GPS will find them? So much better for crazy foreigners like us hehe.

Well, we passed the registration as well so now on Monday the school principal will phone me and let me know what day the kids can start school. They thought Monday or Tuesday :)

(The views from our balcony and my cute "little" dog Raya is tired)

Now we are going to buy a vacuum cleaner in Qormi. Here in Malta nearly all the stores are closed between 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm. I hate it because it feels like you are just sitting and waiting for them to open up...


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